Educational Seminars

Following the death of a loved one, there are approximately 90 questions and decisions that must be answered or made by the surviving spouse, family and friends.  Some of the obvious decisions include burial options, funeral options, financial concerns and memorialization. Oftentimes, families tend to emotionally overspend due solely to the lack of discussion in advance of need. When families discuss these important matters in advance, the burdens to the survivors are is lessened.  Simply knowing the answers to the questions and the decisions relative to cemetery and funeral homes makes all the difference to those we love.

In New Jersey and New York, all cemeteries are operated as a not-for-profit business.  As such, these businesses are highly regulated by respective cemetery boards and divisions, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Consumer Protective Agencies, and are governed by statutes and regulations.  The result is that consumers can have a high degree level of comfort in knowing that their final resting places are protected.

CMS Mid-Atlantic, Inc., has highly trained staff members who can serve as guest speakers or offer educational seminars on a wide variety of cemetery and funeral-related subjects. If your group or organization would like to arrange for a special presentation, please contact our Administrative Office at (888)- 536-1402 ext. 2240.

Financial Assistance

Mid-Atlantic Finance, Inc., (MAF) operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of CMS Mid-Atlantic, Inc., a leader in cemetery management and consulting services. MAF provides financial services to customers of cemeteries and memorial parks affiliated with CMS Mid-Atlantic.

MAF offers a variety of financing arrangements, depending on the family’s needs. Recognizing the importance of preneed planning, MAF makes it possible for everyone to obtain peace of mind through affordable financing.

Mid-Atlantic Finance also assists properties in business development initiatives, while performing centralized financial services for CMS Mid-Atlantic.

Burial Options

Ground Burial

Traditionally, most people are interred in the ground with either a stone monument or flush memorial designating their location. Families can choose from a variety of locations throughout the cemetery, including specific sections reserved for members of different faiths, nationalities and organizations. Cremations can also be permanently memorialized as ground burials.

Mausoleum Burial

A mausoleum is a structure for above-ground entombment and cremation inurnment. There are oftentimes both interior and exterior locations available for a mausoleum entombment, and cremation inurnment. Many families prefer interior mausoleum entombment, because it provides for visitation year-round, when weather conditions might otherwise be prohibitive.


Many families opt for cremation instead of more traditional burials. They might also wish to permanently inter the ashes in the ground or in a mausoleum niche, which can provide the benefit of both traditional interment and cremation inurnment — a place for family members to visit and pay their respects for generations to come. We can accommodate cremations in many different ways. If your family is interested in cremation, we can also recommend providers if your Funeral Director has not already done so.

For more information, including costs, availability and discount programs, at any of our properties, please contact our Administrative Office.