About Princeton Abbey

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Centrally located just north of Princeton, New Jersey, and sited on a slight rise overlooking Carnegie Lake, Princeton Abbey and Cemetery is a non-sectarian cemetery serving New Jersey and the metropolitan areas and suburbs of New York and Philadelphia.

Princeton Abbey and Cemetery offers you and your loved ones a sanctuary for reflection and remembrance, a refuge to mourn those you have loved, a haven to seek solace and a place to celebrate life.

There are many ways to honor a life well lived. For centuries the most beautiful and enduring of these memorials have been rendered using stone.  Cremation is becoming increasingly popular, as it can be more space-efficient and environmentally friendly in comparison with traditional burial or entombment. At Princeton Abbey, we provide both options.

Princeton Abbey is a place imbued with a rich sense of history and sacredness. When names are inscribed in our Books of Remembrance or on the bronze plates and medallions covering the niches in Princeton Abbey, your loved ones and their stories become part of the Abbey’s long and distinguished history.