Memories are an important part of everyone's lives -- that's why so many people cherish photo albums and scrapbooks. Cemeteries and memorial parks are filled with memorials that help those left behind remember and honor the memories of their loved ones. From traditional ground burial to mausoleum entombment and cremation, there are many distinctive ways to acknowledge the lives of our loved ones. At CMS-affiliated cemeteries and memorial parks, there are many options from which to choose -- such as burial in beautiful gardens, entombment in climate-controlled community mausoleums and exquisite columbaria for the placement of cremated remains.

Ground Burial

During the 20th Century, ground burial was the most popular method of laying a body to eternal rest. From coast to coast, cemeteries offer beautiful garden areas for burial of our deceased loved ones. The five cemeteries and memorial parks in New Jersey, which are affiliated with CMS Mid-Atlantic, and the memorial park in New York, offer carefully-tended landscaped gardens for ground burial that create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

In New Jersey, CMS' family service counselors provide years of professional, yet compassionate experience to each family they help with prearrangement before the time of need or at the time of immediate need for a loved one.

In the CMS-affiliated cemeteries, there are many types of memorials -- from highly-detailed stone statues of angels to distinctive granite monuments and flush markers in the everlasting beauty of cast bronze.

In New Jersey, CMS family service counselors will provide you with information about the monument dealers who are familiar with our properties -- those members of our community who provide a high-level of service to the families we serve. In New York, our family service counselors can help directly with your memorialization needs.

Granite Monuments
Granite is a natural stone that has been used for memorialization throughout the world for many centuries. Granites can be gray, pink or even blue depending on their mineralogy. Today, granite is being imported from all over the world in beautiful colors such as greens, reds and blacks. Families who select granite memorialization can choose from flush markers to upright monuments. With today's technology, granite markers and monuments can be personalized with colorful biblical images, inspiring scenes and even portraits.

Bronze Markers
Since the 1920s, bronze markers have been used to memorialize people from all walks of life -- even some of the biggest celebrities of our time, such as Elvis Presley. Because they are cast in foundries from motlen metal, bronze memorialis can be manufactured in practically any size, shape or design. The names and dates can be cast in a variety of different typefaces including Asian, Arabic and Hebrew. Bronze memorials can be personalized with epitaphs, emblems and sculpted or ceramic portraits.

Mausoleum Entombment

Since the days of the Bible, mausoleum entombment has been a respected way to lay the body of the deceased to rest. The Egyptian Pyramids, the Taj Mahal and Westminster Abbey all serve as mausoleums. Once reserved only for royalty and the very wealthy, mausoleum entombment grew in popularity in the United States after World War II. Today, almost one out of every four people chooses entombment in a mausoleum.

CMS Mid-Atlantic-affiliated cemeteries and memorial parks offer above-ground and below ground mausoleums. Families can select from stately private mausoleums to the entombment in a temperature-controlled community mausoleum that makes for convenient visitation.

A variety of memorialization options are available for families who choose mausoleum entombment -- from cast bronze emblems that convey religious devotion, hobbies or membership in a fraternal organization to life-like ceramic portraits. A CMS family service counselor can describe all of the options.

There are many choices when families choose mausoleum entombment. Above-ground or underground cyrpts? Community or private mausoleum? Basic or enhanced personalization? The family service counselors at CMS Mid-Atlantic-affliated cemeteries and memorial parks can tell families about their options and help them decide what best meets their entobment needs. The cost of entombment in a community mausoleum is actually comparable to the costs associated with ground burial. A CMS family service counselor can provide a cost comparison.


Cremation is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of final disposition. With families more transient today, more conscious of protecting the environment and overall less conventional, cremation is becoming a convenient alternative to ground burial and mausoleum entombment.

It is important to remember that cremation is a means to an end. It is a process for preparing the body for memorialization. A permanent, dignified resting place is the final step in the cremation process.

CMS-affiliated cemeteries and memorial parks offer many cremation memorialization options. There are special memorials with underground canisters that allow the cremated remains to be buried with the remains of other family members who choose traditional ground burial. Urns can be placed in glass-front spaces in niche units in a mausoleum or the cremated remains may be placed in spaces in elegant columbaria.

Some people choose to place the cremated remains in urns which can be placed in a space in a glass-front niche in a cemetery or taken home. There are many different types of urns, such as ceramic, glass, wood and bronze. Urns are available in all shapes, sizes and designs.

A columbarium consists of individual spaces for the placement of cremated remains. Each space includes a granite or bronze front on which the personalization is placed. At CMS Mid-Atlantic-affiliated properties, placement of cremated remains in a columbarium is a beautiful way to honor the deceased.

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