Hollywood Memorial Park & Cemetery



The grounds are open 365 days a year, from 8 am to 6 pm.  The administrative office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  All mausoleums are closed and locked at 3:45 pm.  After 3:45 pm, access can be arranged by appointment, or, if office is open, stopping at the office so a counselor can open a door.

Getting Here


Our top priority is to provide exceptional service to the families who have entrusted their loved ones to our care. To ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with an equal level of respect, Hollywood Memorial Park and Cemetery operates by following a standard set of rules and regulations, some of which are mandated by the state of New Jersey. These rules and regulations serve to protect the long-term interests of our families and their loved ones.

You can receive a complete list of our rules and regulations at our Administrative Office, or download them by submitting the form below.


During the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Connecticut Farms was fought on the grounds of what is now Hollywood Memorial Park and Cemetery. Founded in 1909, Hollywood Cemetery was originally known as the Union Cemetery Association. In 1938, Hollywood Memorial Park was created, comprising 70 acres across the road. The two properties merged in 1991 to become Hollywood Memorial Park and Cemetery.

The first memorial park in New Jersey to significantly commit to the mausoleum concept in 1965, Hollywood Memorial Park and Cemetery has eleven mausoleums with approximately 30,000 mausoleum crypts. The Chapel mausoleums are fully carpeted and climate controlled, and offer comfortable, dignified settings in which families can quietly meditate or pray while being protected from the weather year-round.