Below are some frequently asked questions and answers related to CMS Mid-Atlantic.

How long has CMS Mid-Atlantic been in business?

CMS Mid-Atlantic was founded in 1995.

What types of burial or interment are offered at CMS Mid-Atlantic cemeteries?

The cemeteries affiliated with CMS Mid-Atlantic offer in-ground burial, above-ground mausoleum, underground mausoleum and cremation.

How many cemeteries enjoy an affiliation with CMS Mid-Atlantic?

CMS Mid-Atlantic provides financial, marketing, and consulting service to six cemeteries in New Jersey and one in New York.

What is Mid-Atlantic Finance, Inc.?

Mid-Atlantic Finance, Inc., (MAF) operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of CMS Mid-Atlantic, Inc., a leader in cemetery marketing and consulting services. MAF provides financial services to customers of cemeteries and memorial parks affiliated with CMS Mid-Atlantic.

MAF offers a variety of financing arrangements, depending on the family’s needs. Recognizing the importance of pre-need planning, MAF makes it possible for everyone to obtain peace of mind through affordable financing.

MAF also assists properties in busininess development initiatives while performing centralized financial services for CMS Mid-Atlantic.

What is the CMS Realize Your Dream Foundation?

The CMS Realize Your Dream Foundation provides financial support to local high school seniors pursuing collegiate studies. The CMS Realize Your Dream Foundation offers this opportunity in several of the communities in which CMS-affiliated properties are located. A list of the participating public, private and parochial schools is available. In addition to completing the scholarship application and maintaining a 3.2 GPA or higher, students must submit the following materials:

  • Total family size
  • Complete high school transcripts
  • An outline of community work projects
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A 400– to 600–word typed essay describing how higher education will help applicants realize their dream

What is Friends of Rural Cemeteries?

Friends of Rural Cemeteries, Inc., was founded in 2000. This non-profit organization provides a source for distressed cemeteries to acquire managerial guidance, sales and marketing training/information and guidance.

What is the Eternal Memory Solution?

The Eternal Memory Solution™ helps people create the eternal memory they desire for their families. Designed by the cemetery professionals at CMS Mid-Atlantic for the cemeteries and memorial parks that we provide financial, marketing and consulting services to, the Eternal Memory Solution ensures that people’s personal desires are realized.

The Eternal Memory Solution is designed to help people preplan the eternal memories they desire for their families.

What is the Eternal Memory Guidebook?

The Eternal Memory Guidebook helps people navigate through the preplanning process. The Guidebook addresses important topics such as wills, social security, medicare and veterans benefits. It is also a valuable resource for detailing bank and credit card account numbers as well as insurance policy and investment information. Most importantly, the Guidebook serves as a vehicle through which a couple can plan together to create ensure that their personal desires for final resting are realized.